Thailand Matching through Enterprise Singapore Grant

Thailand Matching through Enterprise Singapore Grant

October 25, 2018 | By Raphael Tan

In early 2018, through the assistance of Enterprise Singapore, we were fortunate to match with this Thai company in Bangkok, Thailand. We met the company management team and introduced our product and solutions to them. After they had discussed among themselves, we have worked with them ever since.

Collaborations & Growth

Since then we have had collaborations on various projects throughout Thailand, mainly in and around Bangkok. We’ve had a hand in digital transformation of shopping centres and retail to small apartment complexes. With our ready solutions and platform we were quick to install our sensors and products into their developments and was up and running in no time. “We were amazed at how easy it was to install the intercoms,” said Mr Nguyen, Project Manager who was praising our wire-less concept.

Working with our partners in Thailand has been an interesting adventure and has taught us many things about our views on each other’s culture. We continue to work closely with them and have a very cheerful relationship.

We hope to be able to come visit Bangkok, Thailand again.


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