Ensure facilities are running in their optimum condition with ALiv Smart Community Platform. Get instant alerts of faulty systems and generate immediate reports without the hassle of going through tedious procedures. The platform allows for timely reports and intuitive scheduling for proper deployment of maintenance personnel.

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Building automation at the palm of your hands

Easily automate lights, power or any other electrical unit in the building with the ALiv Smart Community App. Our proprietary technology connects with smart facilities, allowing users to have app-based control wherever they are. With the app, users can also book facilities at the palm of their hands.

  • Control lights and electric appliances with a phone or a tablet
  • Zigbee, 433mHz communication/Bluetooth mesh/WiFi/LoRAWAN/MQTT/NB-IOT
  • Automatically switch on facility utilities during the booked period

Next-level preventive maintenance

Our solution utilises cutting-edge AI technology to predict system faults and alert authorised personnel for a quick response. Report defects easily with our app and organise maintenance schedules through an intuitive web dashboard.

  • Instant reports, intuitive scheduling
  • Users can report faults via QR code
  • Easy assignment of tasks to technicians
  • Various mobile app permissions for staff, admin, technicians and more

AI Monitoring

Monitor movement in the community with innovative artificial intelligence that power CCTVs across open spaces. Our AI Monitoring technology enables AI Facial, Image, Object and Behaviour Analytics which recognises and identifies strangers around the premises for better security. Easily view the CCTV through the app to alert community personnel for suspicious behaviour around the area.

  • AI Video Analytics to avoid operational failures
  • Track headcount during emergencies
  • Monitor people in public spaces
  • AI Image/Object analytics

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