With ALiv Smart Community, ensuring a secure environment in private spaces is now a breeze. Use an app to easily control doors, alarms, gates, attendance and turnstiles as well as to monitor incoming and outgoing guests. With cutting edge IoT and AI security solutions, we enable a smart security system that’s easy to use.

Our Solutions

IoTKiss Access Solution

IoTKISS QR Code Access Solution

IoTKISS Audio Video Intercom

IoTKISS 6-in-1 Facial AI Intercom

IoTKISS Facial AI Solution

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Automated AI Attendance

Monitor people who are going in and out of the building with IoTKISS Access Solution. It’s a plug-and-play solution that allows you to track movement and manage real-time records anytime, anywhere on a single dashboard.

  • Automated reports to configurable email with collated excel file
  • Daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports
  • AI analytics to analyse data behaviour
  • Pre-set user status
  • Unlimited users, departments and timings
  • Mix and match a full range of IoTKISS security devices to capture attendance

Digital Visitor Management

The IoT Visitor Management System is a digital and sustainable security solution that help better workflows, reduce workforce and improve efficiency. It features a self-service kiosk for visitors, which you can use to monitor and manage movement, appointments and more.

  • Web and mobile app to manage visitors and appointments
  • Admin web portal to manage and print visitor reports
  • Tracking of appointments is accessible to security guards and admin
  • Self-service and Mended flows
  • Caters for pre-registration and Ad-hoc walk-in
  • Supports recurring/groups of visitors
  • PDPA and Cybersecurity Compliant
  • Option for Face Capture and Visitor sticker label printing
  • Able to link with full range of IoTKISS devices
  • Scalable, flexible and customisable

Cybersecurity measures for online security

With the ALiv Smart Community Platform, security doesn’t just revolve around the physical environment. We’ve developed our solutions in a way that they would adhere to the latest cybersecurity standards, ensuring that the technology complies to the Data Privacy Act of Singapore.

  • Dedicated Server at Singapore Data Centre
  • Tier 3 Data Centre
  • SSL Encrypted
  • AES and SHA Data Encryption
  • Cryptographic Controls
  • International CWE Coding Standards Compliant

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