Warehouses / Factories

Our IoT enabled smart security solution is reliable yet secure to deal with visitors and unauthorised entry at warehouses and factories. Designed & developed to present full control and low maintenance factories and warehouses, our IoT Smart solution of comprises of: IoT KISS Audio Video Intercom, IoT KISS Audio Intercom and IoT KISS Access Control and are suitable to easily integrate and operate at any premise.

IoT Warehouse Security Monitoring System

Our IoT Smart solution is designed for factories to provide enhanced security yet bringing convenience by giving factories the flexibility to recognize and authenticate entry to the premise anytime and anywhere thereby, assuring the ultimate safety of your assets and staff.

Key features of our IoT smart solutions for factories

IoT KISS Access Control for Offices, Factory Doors & Gates

Our IoT KISS access control solution is intelligent to monitor and secure your place. Without any network connection, the IoT KISS access control is able to provide real-time records anytime and anywhere. The access control grants or restricts access to doors of every zone in your factory. Plus, you can manage facilities even on the move using a smartphone.

Flap Security Gate For Warehouse

IoT KISS Intercom Solution- Delivering Clear & Intelligible Audio and Video

The IoT KISS Intercom is perfect for factories and warehouses, providing an inbuilt visitor management using audio and/or video through employee’s smartphone. Employees will be able to authenticate Visitors and allow entry through their smartphone app. The IoT KISS Intercoms aims on bringing a balance of security and convenience to everyone.

Smartphone Based Employee Time Attendance Management System

Time Attendance and Workforce Management

Improve productivity by automating your employees’ monthly working hours with our time attendance and workforce management system. You can easily monitor every employee's attendance status, receive automated daily reports anytime and anywhere and improve HR workflow processes by integrating with HR payroll.

Integrated Building Workflow Management

With our integrated building workflow management system you have the flexibility to track faults and maintenance in real-time. Also, automate fault tracking and maintenance process using QR Code.

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