IoT Smart App and IoT Smart Dashboard

Our IoT smart mobile application is not just any other door access smartphone App, this is a revolution in the market for security solutions. This App is a foul-proof alternate to the conventional smart card access management. It comes with an array of next-gen features, such as the basic time attendance, E- broadcast message, facility booking, visitor management and many other features to better secure a premise against unauthorised entry. The IoT smart software can interface easily with integrated building workflow management (BIM) and building and Condo management software to enhance the level of security and improve facility maintenance workflow. Additionally, the sensor and alarm system can integrate with the App for overall impeccable access control.


Know Your Guests

Manage Any Secured Zone with Ease

Secure Your Tenement

Video Chat with the Person at the Door

Know Your Frequent Visitors

Know Who Is at the Door


VIsitor one time password

The dashboard of IoT smart is designed to offer best user experiences. Plus, we have enabled full customization and localization for every client.