Alarm System

Protect your apartment, business arena or school the smart way using our advanced alarm system. Our device is a fine harmony of the latest in the territory of security and the best of automation to allow you better secure any space. Peace of mind is an absolute given for our alarm device. Installing and operating this surveillance system is breezy-easy, cater all your safety needs and requirements. Not only we promise high-end technology, also present a reliable system for all kinds of use. Get a free of cost quote for your requirement.

Fire and Security Alarm Systems For Apartment Buildings

Product Info

Security Alarm System

  • Our smart gateway can connect 99 smart sensors, 4 water leakage sensors,8 medical call buttons,8 SOS buttons, 20 remote controllers.

  • Our Smart sensors come with low battery alerts and losts connection alert functions.

  • Scan your QR code to install additional sensors, simply and quickly.

  • 24/7 Fire, smoke and gas defence by our smoke and gas detectors.

  • Manageable by Alarm Monitoring System (CMS).

Smart Fire Alarm System

The PH-SD Fire Alarm has a clean, sleek, simple modern design to make it less obtrusive into the room. Its biggest feature is the high stability and long standby, which will reduce the maintenance work for users

  • 868MHz

  • Two-way digital Transmission

  • Brand-new Design

  • 10 years’ battery standby

  • Independent use/work with alarm panel

Tripod Security Gate

Our N-OTT (Normally Open Tripod Turnstile) mechanism are set to operate in Normally Open mode at default. This means during normal operation, the mechanism remains unlocked and locks only when it detects an attempted unauthorized entry.

  • Wear and tear is reduced greatly as no mechanical parts are in motion at most times.

  • Power consumption is reduced as the solenoid is not supplied power during normal operation.

  • Speed of operation is increased as the cam is free to rotate as long as authorization is provided. No delay for locking / closing sequence is required.

  • Noise levels are minimal as noise is generated only if unauthorized entry attempts are made.

IOT KISS QR Code Access Control

IOT KISS QR code access control is one of the most advanced, feature-enrich visitor management devices. This arrangement comes with an brekthrough QR code attribute that increases security by restricting unauthorised entry. The driving principle is simple, someone who requests to come in your restricted zone, has to provide the code, he or she received via SMS.

  • Wifi Connection

  • Smart card access

  • Mobile App Bluetooth access

  • Visitor Management using a secure One Time Password. Visitor receives One time Password via his/her mobile phone through SMS

  • *Can see records on who enters!*

  • Great for IoT Facility Booking, IoT Visitor Management System