We offer an intelligent range of IoT enabled smart office solutions, from providing IoT visitor management system that tracks visitors to IoT Smart security solution that manages staff members, to provide a balance of security and convenience. In addition, streamlining the entire process to improve the way every employee functions in your organisation.

Identity and Access Management System For Offices

Key features of our IoT smart Solutions for offices

Cutting-Edge Security and Access System Products for Modern Offices

Secure your premise from unauthorised entry, with our intelligent IoT smart security solution. The IoT KISS Audio Intercom, IoT KISS Access Control & IoT KISS QR Code Access Control are suitable for your office and office building security gates. Our devices are :

  • Simple to Install

  • Simple to Manage

  • Simple to Use(Regardless of the environment where it is incorporated.)

IoT KISS Access Control-The Best Your Business Can Get

This is a dynamic and intelligent access control system that not only strengthens the security of your premise, also increases workplace productivity, by being able to manage it anytime and anywhere. Through our Access control system you can also

  • Get Real-time record of employees entering the premise using your smartphone as an access key to your office

  • It will provide you with complete reports of employee’s daily movements at anytime even though there is no network connection to the device.

Time Attendance-Save Time and Get Quick Time Insights

Simplified & centralised, our time attendance solution enables efficient management of your employees, by keeping a tab on their working office hours. With our automated time attendance system, you will be able to improve your workflow, enhance daily productivity and reduce HR administration. The biggest advantage of our time attendance solution is that you can obtain automated daily and monthly reports for attendance, and manage employees attendance anytime and anywhere with great convenience.

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