IoTKiSS & ALiv Smart Community – Our Beginning

IoTKiSS & ALiv Smart Community – Our Beginning

July 14, 2021 | By Raphael Tan

There was a group young middle aged men having dinner at The Grand Hyatt Shenzhen (Baoan Nan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China) a famous local restaurant that serves a wide variety of Western and Asian cuisines. Long time friends that had not met for many years sat around a round table. They spoke of their family, past experiences and ideas for the future with one another.

The topic of IoT (Internet of Things) came up, and it fascinated everyone there. Just imagine connecting devices through sensors and the internet with people through mobile devices. As the conversation lead on, it was at this time our hero of the story, as if enlightened by some strange light from the heavens, came up with a thought, an idea, a vision. Little did he know that this idea, though simple and smart would one day help change the world.

He brought this idea back to Singapore on a large horizon with him. With the collaboration and partnership of Jonathan, they worked on creating the vision into what we have today. After several years of hard work, sweat and tears; research and development; and the continued support of our families our platform was ready.

The Journey to the West 

We tried to push our product locally in Singapore, but was held back with much resistance as the mind set to digital transform in Singapore was still dated. We decided to head overseas. Armed only with our hands and feet, our platform and a whole bag of guts, we left our homes in search of greener pastures. We pushed our product and solutions far and wide; Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, South America and more. We did reasonably well for a team of 3. We made partners, developed Smart facilities and made countless new friends. The experience we made overseas helped us grow as a team.

Return of the Kings

In 2017, Singapore was going through a phase.

The Singapore government plans to dedicate US$1.7 billion to working with the private sector in financial year 2017, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) announced. The announcement was made during the annual Smart Nation and Digital Government Industry Briefing.

The government will work with industry vendors, including small businesses and start-ups, to develop technologies in data analytics and sensors as well as communications infrastructure that will connect internet-of-things sensor networks with data centres. In short, tech you need to make Smart Nation, Singapore’s vision of an always connected digital society, a tangible thing.

With the news of such an opportunity, Our team headed home. With our experience and specialties in hardware, software and AI, we worked with partners to move our Singapore into the Smart Nation direction.



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