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At NewDVR (S) Pte Ltd, we manufacture and install the latest & most efficient systems for apartments, condominiums, private houses and office buildings.

IoT Based Apartment Security System

Our system uses the Internet of Things (IoT) which can include the following features

Simple to Manage.

Simple to Install.

Simple to use.

Keeping a record of people who enter your building

Restricting unauthorised entry to residential premises

Managing Visitors

Key Advantages of our IoT smart security solutions

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Besides strengthening building security, our IoT smart security solutions are cost- effective, increases manpower efficiency and improves workflow processes. IoT smart security solutions are the perfect replacement for traditional security systems yet offering a peace of mind.

IoT KISS Intercom Solution-Secure Your Home, Family and Community

Our IoT Kiss Intercom systems is a one-stop solution that not only offers intelligent security but also provides the convenience by using the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT KISS Intercoms can be installed on main gates of buildings, security guard houses/post and main gates of private houses. These premises can be monitored and granted secured access to with the use of a smartphone. Our IoT KISS intercom systems are simple to install with no massive cabling, simple to manage from a centralised headquarters and simple to use with a smartphone.

Powerful IoT Visitor Management System

Our IoT visitor management system tracks every visitor and resident, offering a balance of security and convenience at your doorstep! Apart from easy installation, our IoT visitor management system is simple and secured for all types of developments..

Facility Booking-A Hassle Free Process

With a secured QR code, you can book your facility, easily track and monitor facility users anytime and anywhere.

IoT QR Code Door Access Control Systems

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