Integrated Building Workflow System

Its a tightly integrated building management system that cover the 3D Building modeling and simulation, quality management, configuration management, Users, building owner, Facility Manager, Technician, Residents, App, and collaborative workflow planning.

Integrated Enterprise Workflow Management System


Integrated 3D Building Simulation Model.

Ability to integrate with IoT alarm

Central Knowledge Platform.

Tenants and visitors information dissemination and aggregation.

Product Info

Additional Services - Public Directory

  • 3D floorplan and directory showcasing the layout of the interior or structure of the facility.

    • Facilities Announcement.

    • Special promotions and Events within campus.

    • Navigation with interior and exterior map.

  • Live and up-to-date faculties and tenants directory.

    • Announcements by departments, schools, clubs.

    • Current events, upcoming events.

    • Virtual department front, timetabling and calendar.

Additional Services - Guest Ushering

  • Automated E-Ushering services.

    • Guest arrival – card scan registration at entry point; vehicle number plate scanning.

    • Auto guidance to parking area or meeting point – Push down map to mobile phone.

    • Notification of liaison officer to pickup guest.

  • Advertisement and social content push down to Guest.

Acer Laptop Showing Enterprise Workflow Management System