Smart City

Cloud base kiosk

Self service

Visitor Management System

Self Registration Visitor Management Kiosk

Cloud Base VMS Kiosk Specifications

CPU specs: Intel i3 4160, 4G Ram, 1TB HDD.

Windows OS.

19 inch capacitive touch screen (resolution: 1280 x 1024).

Front Camera 2 megapixel.

IC/ID Camera 5 megapixel.

Bar code Scanner Card Dispenser (120 pcs card stacker as 0.76 mm card thickness).

Thermal printer (optional).

Material: Cold-rolled steel plate.

Moisture-proof, anti-rust, anti-acid, static free.

Internal fans for ventilation.

Standard Security Lock.

WIFI connection.

Product Info

Visitor Management System Database security information.

  • Dedicated Cloud Server

  • software firewall protection (additional layers can be added based on data security requirement)

  • Server location is in Singapore

  • Daily Backup of database into mirror storage

  • Routine backup of data every quarterly (data will still be accessible through VMS software)

Self Service Visitor Management System

  • Pre-registered Visitor management

  • Admin Web portal to manage and print visitor reports

  • Employee VMS Mobile App for Android/IOS

  • Employee Web portal account to create/manage events and add visitor details/send link to visitors

  • Notification via SMS to visitor and employee once event/appointment is made

  • Notification via SMS when visitor arrives and verifies at Kiosk

  • Supports recurring/group of visitors

  • Visitor and IC Photo captured and Card dispensed

Self Registration (Walk in)

  • Visitor registers and creates event using kiosk

  • Supports Recurring Visitor By scanning IC

  • Photo captured and Card dispensed

  • Visitor Management using a secure One Time Password. Visitor receives One time Password via his/her mobile phone through SMS

  • **Verification by employee to allow Visitor to enter using One time Password before photo capture and card dispensing

  • **Offline mode supported, data will be sync when kiosk is online