About Us

Ease of Control Security Solutions–the Power of IoT

NewDVR (S) Pte. Ltd. was established in the year 2005. We specialise in hardware and software solutions and are committed to offering security solutions for government, commercial and residential spaces. Our company’s tag-line, KISS (Keep It Simple and Smart) has engineered the implementation of IoT to enhance security while keeping it simple and convenient.

What We do?

Being one of the leading smart security companies, our clients range from firms in the public and private sectors. We offer every client a customized solution in line with his or her requirements. Whether it be controlling the entry and exit to your premise or screening the entry and exit of visitors to your building, we have solutions for all your needs.

Smart City Features

IoT, stands for the Internet of Things is the next-gen of global security that allows you to command any hardware device (any location) via the Internet. This is the underlying theme of our master security and automation system, “Smart City.”

Smart City is the simplest means to stay connected with your premise using your smartphone. Command, monitor, and secure any space even when you are physically not present. We offer an array of security solutions turning your premise into a Smart City.

This includes IoT Smart Solution, IoT Visitor Management System- Turnstiles / Security Gate, IoT Integrated Building Work flow Management, Smart Home Automation & IoT Alarm System.

Our Smart City is perfect for those who are usually engulfed in the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

With our IoT smart solution, you can manage access to your property via a smartphone. Here, you do not require a dedicated computer to administrate this security system.

Our Smart City Solution is not only simple to integrate and install on premise, but also a call for easy maintenance.

Don't think or rethink, reach out to us and discuss your security requirements.

At NewDVR (S) Pte. Ltd. We have employed the latest buzzword of modern security, “Internet Of Things”